Accessing Septic As-Built Records

To use this database, you must have any of the following information:

  • PTA Number (Property Tax Account Number or Assessor Parcel Number)
  • Address
  • Owner Last Name

For additional information, questions or comments about this website or septic systems, please contact the Snohomish Health District Water & Wastewater Section at 425.339.5250 or


As a convenience, the Snohomish Health District is making available through this web site as-built records from drainfields relative to particular properties that have been scanned into this database. The images that are contained on this web site have not been certified as being true and correct copies of the actual document filed with the Snohomish Health District. Furthermore, the as-builts do not constitute a representation or warranty by the Snohomish Health District as to the accuracy of the data and information contained thereon, as such documents have been prepared and submitted by third-parties to the Snohomish Health District. No representation or warranty is made concerning the accuracy, currency, completeness, or quality of the data depicted on each respective as-built record. By accessing this record, the user of this data assumes all responsibility for use thereof and holds the Snohomish Health District harmless from and against any damage, loss or liability arising from any use made of this data.

This database has been provided for the convenience of those who may wish to access as-builts in lieu of a search using traditional means.


Additional property information can be found on the Snohomish County Assessor’s Website:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The information contained in this website has been made available in part by the Washington State Department of Ecology’s Centennial Clean Water Fund Grant.